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Grandeur English Half Pad

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Half pad made by Grandeur for Hidalgo leather tree English saddles

This pad is designed to go directly under your Hidalgo saddle and on top of your choice pad. This discrete design gives you the option of having the benefits of the Grandeur with the freedom to tap into your saddle pad addiction 

This half saddle pad provides extra clearance and lift for the withers and spine and consists of one pocket on each side to fill with inlays or shims as needed to achieve lift or to balance a leather tree English saddle. Adding inlays will increase weight distribution. 

The top has Anti-slip. The bottom is quilted cotton. 

The inlays are available in four variants: foam, felt and highly elastic rayon foam--ask for pricing.

Spine Length: 50 cm

Drop Front: 29.5 cm

Drop Back: 19 cm 

Product requires preorder and can take 8-12 weeks to arrive. Hand made by Grandeur in Germany