How to try before you buy

Deposit required for test saddle:
The test fee is $100 per trial per saddle plus a deposit equal to the purchase price and shipping costs or less if specified by Hug Your Horse. If you decide to buy a saddle of this category from us, the test fee does not apply, if you do not want to buy a saddle, the corresponding test fee will be deducted from the deposit and the remaining amount will be returned to you. The test time is generally 1 week, the maximum test time is 2 weeks by prior arrangement. The deposit corresponds to 100% of the sales price for the saddle. If you have two test saddles, you only pay the deposit for the higher quality saddle (discounted goods excluded). The deposit will be returned to you if you do not want to order a saddle, otherwise it will be deducted from your order. You transfer the respective amount to our company account and after accepting these conditions you will shortly afterwards receive a test saddle or two - as agreed. You can then test for one week (or 2) from receipt and then send it back to us cleaned at your own risk and expense. Or you can keep / buy the test saddle if we have agreed beforehand. If you have had a pad for testing, it must also be sent back in a clean condition (hair and dirt). After the return, HIDALGO will transfer the deposit back to your account. Therefore please state routing number and bank number or Zelle information or credit card. When ordering a saddle, please return the test saddle at your own risk and expense. We will then send you a new model, whereby you will no longer incur any shipping costs. If the saddle was damaged for whatever reason during the test period, we will retain an amount corresponding to the depreciation (based on our expertise) and the remittance will be reduced accordingly. The test of the saddle is done expressly at your own risk, we accept no liability whatsoever for it.
Any bank fees or transaction fees will be deducted from refund as well if no saddle is purchased. 
If you return the saddle in dirty condition you will be charge a cleaning fee of $100/hour.
By paying a deposit, you understand and agree to the above.