About the Hidalgo Leather Tree

The Hidalgo Leather tree has been successful for over 15 years. 

Through constant testing, feedback from the horse & rider, and further education regarding saddle fit to horses--Hidalgo has developed a system that is mindful and comfortable. A saddle you can adjust as your horse changes. Hidalgo & it's representatives strive to offer the best customer support virtually and in person if possible to help guide you during the adjustments.

Below is an illustration of the Spanish & Dressage Leather tree design. It is simply made of leather layers with the support structure of a metal stirrup bar. Together, these two implements distribute weight into the wool & foam layered support panels that are measured precisely to fit your horses unique back length. This system allows for lifting, swinging, expanding & contracting through the saddle surface area. 

Note: the area outlined in dotted lines represents the leather tree. The straps represent the billets that are sewn securely to the tree with a forward place billet sewn securely into the front of the saddle. The forward billet is not attached to any tree point as there are no tree points built into this saddle. The only rigid part of the saddle that does not change and flex is the stirrup bar. 

Below are the metal stirrup bars. They come in a variety of sizes to suit the width of your horse & the design of the saddle. 

-Shire/Wide (top)

-Standard (middle)

-Dressage Standard (bottom)

Below are the Velcro panels that attach to the velcro surface of the Hidalgo saddle. They come in various lengths, depths, shapes. They are made with layered pressed wool and various density of foams. Panels can be ordered with standard density or more dense depending on the rider's weight and/or higher concussion riding such as jumping, endurance, carrying unbalanced lesson students, etc. 


  • Spanish saddles offer a very good pressure and weight distribution due to the wide surface of their panels. They have a supportive stirrup bar built onto the leather tree to provide support and weight distribution to the foam/wool felt adjustable panels. 
  • Further they provide a very comfortable and safe seat.
  • Leather tree saddles have a flexible construction of leather sheets and are able to adapt to the horseback itself. The body heat from horse and rider contribute to this ability.
  • Many horses move much more relaxed and improve their movements with a leather tree saddle. 
  • Change of weight is no problem with a leather tree saddle as the saddle has the ability to adapt over and over again.
  • Flexible leather tree saddles also fit on very wide horsebacks and do not slip when fitted properly.
  • Leather tree saddles are very light weight and perfect for starting young horses or often changing horses. 
  • Hidalgo leather tree saddles do not have a gullet plate – the saddle can adapt itself to the horse´s shape, also in the front part!