Custom Options

Customizing Includes: 

  • Shorty or Standard Flap (NO CHARGE) 
  • Length of flap--special request length outside of standard pattern ($90)
  • Waxed leather complete ($110)
  • Waxed leather: seat or knee patches only ($35/per)
  • Special or unique leather color outside of standard swatch choice ($110)
  • Double Napa Flaps ($115)
  • Color of stitching if not beige, brown or black ($55)
  • Cantle depth/Pommel depth-lower or higher than standard ($45/per)
  • Shire/Extended Tree (NO CHARGE as of 5/2024)
  • Additional dee rings ($15/per)
  • adding stirrup keepers to models without them standard ($55/set of two)
  • Special stitching patterns ($55)
  • Adjustable external knee block ($70)
  • Fixed knee block when not standard ($55)
  • Ladies choice seat (2 cm wider) ($95)
  • Tooling ($115)
  • Reinforced saddle panels (extra pressed wool felt/less foam---good for heavier riders, endurance riders, jumpers, more shock absorption) ($30)

Prices and availability subject to change

To add custom options to Series 2 ($115) 

Note: Leather & thread options can vary. You must inquire for current options as the leather is specially sourced and can change. 

--Please understand custom orders are a unique experience and you will work with Tiffani to design your saddle.