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Pressure Sensor Pad Study

See the pressure results as brand new Baroque leather tree goes through the break-in process!

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What it looks like to get a new leather tree saddle

Want to see what the break in process with a brand new leather tree saddle might look like? Have a look at the photos below. Please click the link below!

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  • H. Longfellow-- 7/2022

    "While out riding this morning, I said to my husband “buying this saddle is the best money we’ve ever spent”. After buying my Missouri Foxtrotter, I struggled for two years with riding her in saddles that didn’t fit. Due to her wide back and “rounder” shape, traditional saddles would slip no matter how tight we made the girth"

  • E. AbuSharbain-- 11/2021

     "The Hidalgo saddles are the most comfortable saddles I have ridden in and I have had a lot of saddles in my lifetime. Also, I love that is it so lightweight and so easy to lift to put on my horse."

  • B. Vechell-- 7/2023

    "My little pony strides out easily with her shoulders freed up, I don’t have to worry about it being too long and damaging her back, and the leather tree has adjusted to her shape beautifully. As for me, I feel so connected to my horse and have developed a superpower of sitting an occasional spook like I’m wearing Velcro pants. I can even mount up on the trail without a block and the saddle doesn’t budge".

Fitting One Hidalgo Saddle to Multiple Horses

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  • Our Roma PFT saddle review!!

    "As a dedicated owner/breeder who has devoted my life to helping horses, I care a lot about the welfare of my animals and their comfort and happiness. I have two young sibling Iberian Warmbloods that I bred myself, whose parents I also both showed extensively, and I've been over the moon with them - they have each won multiple National Championship titles and the 5 year old mare, Cregga, has been USEF's Half Andalusian Horse of the Year twice. When I started them under saddle they both showed great aptitude, but I had a problem - both horses are incredibly sensitive and despite multiple custom saddles and custom fittings by experienced professionals, I still had constant problems with backsoreness and edema on their backs. I was devastated - nothing I tried worked! The horses constantly needed chiropractic and PEMF care and I refused to ride until I could find a saddle that actually worked. That's when a wonderful friend connected me to Tiffani and Nina and Hidalgo Saddlery! Their Roma PFT has finally been the answer to my problems. It has been the only saddle out of many to work for these sensitive youngsters - they love the three dimensional flexibility and I love the balance! The saddle is made with buttery soft leather, puts me in a good position, and most importantly keeps their backs comfortable, which is very important to me. Plus as they grow, I can change out the gullet as needed! Tiffani and Nina have been wonderful to work with, and Tiffani has spent so much time answer my (many!!) questions! So happy with my Roma PFT!"

    -Andrea McNealFort Worth, TX

About Tiffani

Meet, Tiffani. Tiffani has been a lifetime horse lover just like you! Do you love the unique smell horses have? Well, she does too. Tiffani studies & focuses on the anatomy of the horse related to saddle fitting. Tiffani is certified as a Leather Tree Saddle Fitter by Dr. Nina Holzer, the founder of Hidalgo Saddles since 2007. By collaborating with like-minded horse professionals, she can contribute one piece of the horsemanship puzzle by addressing discomfort related restrictions due to poor saddle fit. Her late horse, Hugs, was the biggest contributor to this journey as Hugs has had many obstacles to climb to become balanced in her body. Sometimes, the damage has already been done & we can only help the horse so much. But, if you consider the “whole” horse during training, riding, working, or even housing horses, it can help your horse live a longer, healthier working life. By following Tiffani, you will find resources to better the quality of life for your horse & the relationship you build with them. You will also learn key points in saddle fitting & be taught how to look for signs of poor saddle fit. Tiffani has a servant’s heart & is always happy to help where she can, or help you navigate through the endless & overwhelming resources online in order to find a trustworthy resource. With her experience & personal challenges she has faced, this is a valuable & humble service she is offering. I encourage you to get to know Tiffani & ask her about the services she provides as well as the lecture programs her “whole horse” team has to offer.