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I was looking for a saddle that would allow me to feel my horse’s movements while providing a secure seat for me. I own a 13.2hh pony with a very short back and no withers to keep a saddle from rolling off to the side. I’ve tried wood tree saddles, flex panel saddles, and a treeless option – but none of them fit her well or provided that just-right combination of feel and security for me.

I scheduled a call with Tiffani to discuss options, and I learned so much about proper saddle fit and placement. There was no hard sales pitch, just a wonderful explanation of how the Hidalgo line – a leather tree saddle with adjustable panels – can address most saddle fitting challenges. We agreed that it was absolutely worth trying the Valencia with its short panels on my wide, flat, wither-less wonder.
I loved my Hidalgo Valencia saddle from the first moment I sat it in it, and I’m equally excited about how it feels in the arena and on long trail rides. My little pony strides out easily with her shoulders freed up, I don’t have to worry about it being too long and damaging her back, and the leather tree has adjusted to her shape beautifully. As for me, I feel so connected to my horse and have developed a superpower of sitting an occasional spook like I’m wearing Velcro pants. I can even mount up on the trail without a block and the saddle doesn’t budge.
And while it wasn’t the most important factor in my decision, this saddle is GORGEOUS to look at!!! The Spanish dressage style and tooled floral design are super unique, the leather is supple and beautiful ― and that makes me smile every time I tack up.
Thank you, Tiffani, for your guidance! My quest to find the perfect saddle is complete and I couldn’t be more happy.
B. Vechell


"So a few months ago it finally became apparent that my dressage saddle was simply not going to work for us any longer. I’d been dealing with some position issues that I finally accepted were largely worsened by my saddle- I was really fighting it because the blocks just didn’t fit me properly. Eventually it got bad enough that it legitimately hurt to ride in anything but my jump saddle, but as I want to be doing more classically minded dressage, a forward XC saddle meant to be galloped in is not conducive.
I’ve sold a bunch of saddles to have a budget to find something nice that works, and bought and sold more that didn’t work out, and it’s been really really frustrating. Couple my own fit issues with a horse that is both hard to fit and has some top line loss since he’s about to be 26, it’s been impossible 😭
After the "undisclosed brand" was also a fail and I cried a lot over it, I reached out to Tiffani at Hug Your Horse : Hidalgo Leather Tree Consultant, and we thought something she had might work out, and thank goodness, it did! These saddles have a tree made of rawhide with adjustable Velcro panels, which is definitely not something I was used to, but I really like. Magnus has been much more willing to work over his back and is feeling great in it, and I feel like I can actually *ride* my horse. I’m so so happy with it ❤️"
S. Bishir



"After stalking her page for some time and her answering way too many questions to mention, I took the leap and ordered a leather tree saddle from Tiffani in late December. After US Customs gave us both some grey hair, she came out for a custom fitting!
I was INSTANTLY in love with both the seat and the feel, but the reason I started researching saddles and fit was due to my guy (Lenny) showing signs of discomfort when I would ride consecutive days.
Sharing a review now as we've ridden ~15 times in this saddle, 2/3 days consecutively each time, and neither of us could be more pleased. If that wasn't enough, his most recent chiropractic appointment and Dr. Miri Logan's assessment of his shoulders are another testament.
Tiffani - THANK YOU for your patience, knowledge, and diligence with both of us throughout the entire process. So very happy that I hit send on that inquiry email 💙.
Everyone - If you're on the fence, take the leap. You - and your beloved horse(s) - will not regret it".
Southern, IL 




"The most relaxing saddle trial of all time 😂
Doc could not stop licking and chewing and yawning. He clearly approves.
Twig was very interested in checking the saddle out.
Field friends had to come check out the swag too 😍
Both were awesome and I’m in love with this Hidalgo!
Thank you Tiffani Martin Radake Hug Your Horse : Hidalgo Leather Tree Consultant"
T. Miller


Our Roma PFT saddle review!! 🙌🏻❤️
"As a dedicated owner/breeder who has devoted my life to helping horses, I care a lot about the welfare of my animals and their comfort and happiness. I have two young sibling Iberian Warmbloods that I bred myself, whose parents I also both showed extensively, and I've been over the moon with them - they have each won multiple National Championship titles and the 5 year old mare, Cregga, has been USEF's Half Andalusian Horse of the Year twice. When I started them under saddle they both showed great aptitude, but I had a problem - both horses are incredibly sensitive and despite multiple custom saddles and custom fittings by experienced professionals, I still had constant problems with backsoreness and edema on their backs. I was devastated - nothing I tried worked! The horses constantly needed chiropractic and PEMF care and I refused to ride until I could find a saddle that actually worked.
That's when a wonderful friend connected me to Tiffani and Nina and Hidalgo Saddlery! Their Roma PFT has finally been the answer to my problems. It has been the only saddle out of many to work for these sensitive youngsters - they love the three dimensional flexibility and I love the balance! The saddle is made with buttery soft leather, puts me in a good position, and most importantly keeps their backs comfortable, which is very important to me. Plus as they grow, I can change out the gullet as needed! Tiffani and Nina have been wonderful to work with, and Tiffani has spent so much time answer my (many!!) questions! So happy with my Roma PFT!"
Andrea McNeal
Fort Worth, TX


 Tiffani knows horse anatomy inside and out — literally! She removes all the guesswork and shows you precisely where the saddle should sit and how to position it correctly for yourself so you remain balanced. She invests a lot of time to learn as much as possible to make the best recommendations that fit your style, goals and budget. I am confident that my horse is comfortable in her new saddle and could not be more pleased myself! It is beautiful and an excellent value for the price!

R. Byerley-Cronin, Freeburg IL  10/17/2022


 While out riding this morning, I said to my husband “buying this saddle is the best money we’ve ever spent”. After buying my Missouri Foxtrotter, I struggled for two years with riding her in saddles that didn’t fit. Due to her wide back and “rounder” shape, traditional saddles would slip no matter how tight we made the girth. This also led to Cinder feeling unbalanced and losing her ability to find her natural gait. Tiffani came to our barn and measured and fit Cinder. We about froze to death that day but Tiffani never once rushed the process. She left saddles to try and was patient with my indecision between the Spanish and Western styles. She even helped us find the best girth and saddle pad even though those weren’t Hidalgo brand. As you can see in the attached photos, we now have a BEAUTIFUL croc print, flexible tree, western saddle. Cinder is finding her gait again and I’m riding comfortable and secure. I can’t thank Tiffani enough for her expertise and cooperative approach to saddle sales. Nothing like exchanging saddles in a gas station parking lot like an illicit drug deal. Ha!! 😂😂😂 She’s simply the best! And the saddles are amazing. ♥️

H. Longfellow, Washington, IL  - 7/23/2022


 If you are on the fence about the Hidalgo leather tree saddles, don't waste any more time. Contact Tifffani Radake and schedule a test ride! I had seen her demonstrate these saddles a few times and was curious about them, but it wasn't until my gelding began displaying signs of unease when being tacked up and ridden, that I finally made arrangements to test ride. He came to me this summer a little underweight, which made his prominent withers even more so and also had created areas behind the withers that were undeveloped and sunken in. I was using a narrower gullet plate on my beloved Wintec and creative padding to deal with these problems. This gelding is so good-natured and easy going! He was fine being tacked up, would stand quietly for mounting, walk out when asked, and perform the most lovely walk with a swinging back and nice lateral work. But after a move to a stable with good pasture, he has become something of a puff ball. In the past week, he would reach around and indicate discomfort when I tightened the girth. He was reluctant to stand at the mounting block and would not move off willingly after being mounted. He would even walk into the corners as though he wanted to brush me off! Knowing this gelding's sweet nature, I was sure I had a saddle fit problem. He no longer had the spaces behind his withers, but he still has very prominent withers. I tried a different gullet plate in the Wintec with little hope of success and indeed it was not a solution. So - enter Tiffani and her Hidalgo trial saddle. She spent a lot of time examining my gelding's conformation, and then fitting panels to her test saddle that would work for him. We tested two sizes of saddle to find the best fit for me. Then we tacked him up, with no objections from my gelding, and headed to the arena. He stood quietly at the mounting block, moved off immediately from my leg cues and walked out in the biggest ground-covering walk! No heading into the corners or to the mounting block and stopping, and the lateral work was back. I was SOLD! I ordered a Cordoba 2 with the fabulous current bundle deal that includes a girth and Equitex pad and can't wait for it to be delivered. I highly recommend that you take a look at these saddles. Tiffani is so knowledgeable and kind and is a delight to work with.

J. Morris, Glen Carbon, IL  11/21/2021



 When you come home from a work weekend from SW Ohio and Indy and the gorgeous Cavesson I ordered had finally arrived!! It was the best thing ever!! I had been searching for one, this one fit exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t pass this one up. Huge thank you to Tiffani Martin Radake at Hidalgo Leather Tree Saddles : Tiffani Radake, Consultant. She made the process of ordering the cavesson so easy.

A. Mae Wott, Michigan--4/19/2022

 The Hidalgo saddles are the most comfortable saddles I have ridden in and I have had a lot of saddles in my lifetime. Also, I love that is it so lightweight and so easy to lift to put on my horse. Penny is happy with it as well. We did quite a few steep inclines and I was so impressed that the saddle never moved 🐎

E. AbuSharbain, Alhambra, IL  11/9/2021


 Had a wonderful day with Tiffani, who brought out this beautiful Hidalgo saddle, the "Vienna" for Dorian and I to try. It's unbelievably comfortable, and it's also adjustable--this is the first ride I had on it, and you can see Cate loved it, too. And my friend, Anne, also had her horse, "Handsome" (aptly named) fitted for a different Hidalgo saddle. Such fun!

---V. Slachman & A. Nicholas, Missouri. 9/11/2021




 Tiffani did a great job fitting my not so easy to fit horse! She was knowledgeable and friendly, and we had a blast! The saddle is so comfortable and my horse goes wonderfully in it! 

---B. Hernandez, Missouri. 7/22/2021