Product Reviews

 Had a wonderful day with Tiffani, who brought out this beautiful Hidalgo saddle, the "Vienna" for Dorian and I to try. It's unbelievably comfortable, and it's also adjustable--this is the first ride I had on it, and you can see Cate loved it, too. And my friend, Anne, also had her horse, "Handsome" (aptly named) fitted for a different Hidalgo saddle. Such fun!

---V. Slachman & A. Nicholas, Missouri. 9/11/2021




 Tiffani did a great job fitting my not so easy to fit horse! She was knowledgeable and friendly, and we had a blast! The saddle is so comfortable and my horse goes wonderfully in it! 

---B. Hernandez, Missouri. 7/22/2021