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Hug Your Horse


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The new HIDALGO Castellon!

This beautiful classic baroque saddle is based on the classic school saddle.

It impresses with its excellent leather quality and a particularly comfortable, secure and extremely comfortable seat.

It is equipped with our traditional HIDALGO leather tree and the usual Velcro saddle pads, which are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths, depending on the needs of the horse’s back.

The saddle is made from the best European leather, partly American.
The galleries are flexible and adapt perfectly to the horse’s back depending on the circumstances. Like all other Hidalgo leather tree saddles, the Castellon will break in and  adapt perfectly to the horse’s back. Even in the front – there is no rigid gullet plate!

This is available in a normal and a Shire (for wide horseback) versions.

-Seat sizes as you choose that appropriately fits your horse. (virtual or in person consults are included during the purchase process) 

-Many design options available. 

Included: Panels & Saddle cover

Seat size: 31-35 cm 

Available in many colors, please inquire below