General Leather/Rawhide Tree Information


  • Spanish saddles offer a very good pressure and weight distribution due to the wide surface of their panels. They have a supportive stirrup bar built onto the rawhide tree to provide support and weight distribution to the foam/wool felt adjustable panels. 
  • Further they provide a very comfortable and safe seat.
  • Leathertree saddles have a flexible construction of leather rawhide sheets and are able to adapt to the horseback itself. The body heat from horse and rider contribute to this ability.
  • Many horses move much more relaxed and improve their movements with a leathertree saddle. 
  • Change of weight is no problem with a leathertree saddle as the saddle has the ability to adapt over and over again.
  • Flexible leathertree saddles also fit on very wide horsebacks and do not slip.
  • Leathertree saddles are very light weighted and perfect for starting young horses.
  • Hidalgo leathertree saddles do not have a gullet plate – the saddle can adapt itself to the horse´s shape, also in the front part!