About the Leather (Rawhide) Tree

This saddle is NOT treeless. It DOES have a rawhide tree. It also has a metal stirrup bar implement to give the tree the stability & support to stay away from the withers & spine & scapula.

The raw hide tree is NOT soft. It DOES flex, but it is NOT soft. With time, the tree will adapt to individual forms depending on what pressure is being put against it. This means the tree will adapt more …..or less wide throughout the length of the tree ….depending on how your horse is shaped. The tree will become better fitting as you use it (Think of a new pair of boots, they get better with time). The panels are VERY important for this rawhide tree saddle. If the panels are not placed correctly, you will have balance & weight distribution errors. Adjusting the panels is very similar to having a fitter out to spot flock your gussets on your dressage saddle. With the Hidalgo panels you can adjust the focus of the saddle as the horse changes, tree forms, rider changes, etc. to achieve proper balance. The panels are velcro attached. They do not slip or slide, they are well made---leather wrapped with layers of wool felt & foam, designed through years of finding what works best. They are not one size fits all, your Hidalgo fitter will request specific information to order the proper size panel to suite your horses weight bearing area & rider weight.
The feel of this tree is like no bareback pad, treeless saddle or standard “fixed” tree. You cannot compare it to any of them.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about these saddles you can search #hidalgosattel on Instagram or visit the official Hidalgo Facebook page by searching Hidalgo Sattel. This is a European brand & is making its way through the states. You can also search YouTube by using key words “Hidalgo Sattel” to find many videos.
Also, feel free to get ahold of me personally. I am always happy to discuss as I had all the same questions at one time as well. I plan to write a story about how I found these saddles soon. I think it really helps people understand the genuine love I have for what these saddles can do for your horse if you are willing to give it a chance.

Thank you---Tiffani