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We proudly present…
our latest western saddle, the HIDALGO Texas!

The Texas also has our well known HIDALGO leathertree and the detachable panels, which can be ordered to fit your horses back.

The western saddle has a light weight and a changeable fork. (does not affect fit, only aesthetics) 

The seat is very near to the horse and the stirrup suspension is a little bit more further, to achieve a straighter leg. 

The saddle is made of American tooled leather. Due to demand other leather can be used.

It has the 3 Point-Girth-System.

Leather tree Western saddles feel closer in the seat from pommel to cantle as correct posture is important to maintain proper balance. 

Demo saddle available!

If saddle is not in stock, production time is 8-12 weeks. 

Saddle Specs: 

Horn height- 2.5 in

Pommel Height - 7.5 in

Pommel width - 4 in

Base Length - 25 in

Base Width - 14 in

Fender Length - 19.7 in 

Fender Width - 9 in