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Hidalgo Sevilla Baroque Italian Leather Bridle

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This beautiful noble baroque bridle out of the house Hidalgo is handmade of best Italian leather. For the production we only use highest quality materials so that the bridle is a highlight in processing and leather quality.
Available in Cob, Full and XFull.

Leather color in Brown and Black
Metal fittings in Golden and Silver

Can be used with a normal sniffle or curb bit

Noseband and Browband removable

Brow band: 34 cm
Nose band: 55 cm – 62 cm
Cheek piece: 16 cm – 26 cm
Throat latch: 50 cm – 57 cm
Head piece: 42-66 cm

Brow band: 37 cm
Nose band: 56 cm – 64 cm
Cheek piece: 16 cm – 26 cm
Throat latch: 50 cm – 62 cm
Head piece: 44-72 cm

Brow band: 42 cm
Nose band: 58 cm – 66 cm
Cheeck piece: 18 cm – 28 cm
Throatlatch: 53 cm – 64 cm
Head piece: 46-76 cm

Bridle will ship from Austria and shipping time varies--usually 2-4 weeks