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Hug Your Horse

Roma Leather Tree

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The Roma has a slightly bigger and soft knee block fixed outside the flap that provides a safe and deep secure seat.


The Roma also fits horses with high withers and complicated backs. 

For very broad horses we can offer the Shire tree version for $75 more


It has very soft kneeblocks that are not impeding your leg

Available in many different seat sizes.

The Roma is handmade of the wonderful Aniline leather. It provides a really good grip.

 Equipped with the well known three-point-girthing the Roma maintains on the horses' back without slipping.

 Available in black or brown

 Detachable panels are available in many different lengths and thicknesses.

Saddle Length: 18" (velcro surface, not saddle panels)
Saddle Flap: 23"


Available in many colors, please inquire below