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Hug Your Horse

Remote Saddle Fitting-START UP FITTING

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In order for the 7-day return policy to apply, you agree to notify us when you have received your saddle. You also agree to book this START UP FITTING. You agree to make the booking within the first 3 days of receiving the saddle so that we can determine if the saddle fits before 7-day return period is over.


This session includes:

  • Fitting the new saddle to your horse.
  • Video/Photo session to asses the fit of the saddle to the horse with and without rider mounted. 
  • Duration: Up to 60 minutes

What is required?:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Chalk or washable paint stick
  3. A helper to hold the camera is IDEAL
  4. Patience
  5. A well fitting girth, leathers, irons, saddle pad.

*The office will contact you ASAP to schedule a session--START UP FITTING SESSIONS TAKE PRIORITY OVER OTHER REMOTE SESSIONS*