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Hug Your Horse

Remote Saddle Fitting--ADVANCED

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If you own a Hidalgo saddle that was not purchased from Hug Your Horse and need help to ensure that your saddle is fitting well and is performing at it's best, schedule a maintenance check and we will asses over live video and/pics. 

This session includes:

  • Evaluation of all: panels, flaps, velcro surfaces, billets, dee rings.

  • Video/Photo session to asses the fit of the saddle to the horse with and without rider mounted.

  • Remote evaluation & measuring of horse & rider

  • in depth explanation of the Hidalgo leather tree system & how it works with the horse & rider

  • Explanation & instruction on how to adjust the Hidalgo saddle panels properly

  • Duration: up to 60 min

Sessions are of no cost if a saddle has been purchased and fitted by Hug Your Horse less than a year prior to the purchase of the session  -- if this is the case for you, please see "Remote Saddle Fitting-Routine" 

*The office will contact you within 3-7 business days to schedule a session*