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Hug Your Horse

Brown Valencia 2

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READY TO SHIP FROM ILLINOIS; discounted, was sat in at a vendor far :) 

Our classic Spanish leather-tree saddle for less money!
Offers great freedom for withers and spine!

Best seller!! Super comfortable for rider & horse

• V-girthing with long straps

• Open stirrup bar
• without a head gullet, adapts to the horse back and even grows with it
• Panels: from 36 cm
• incl. panels, detachable knee blocks and saddle cover

• Length of saddle flap: approx. 21" standard


Seat Sizes Available:

Size: 33 cm (13 inches of usable seat space) will compare to 17-17.5" dressage seat or 15-16" western

To Inquire, please email me at  or click