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Chicago LT

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Fantastic feeling of sitting, very close to the horse. Extra fine aids are possible thanks to our valued leather tree system!

The Chicago is made from the finest aniline leather which provides extra good contact. You're really "stuck" in the saddle.

The crocodile leather stamped inserts ensure a special & eye catching look. 

The Chicago is available in dark brown & black in standard dressage seat sizes. The Velcro saddle panels are selected individually according to the horse's back. Of course, this can be done remotely. 

The knee roll area has a special feature of carefully selected foam that molds to the riders leg perfectly, enabling a correct fit with optimal support in the saddle. You will not feel forced into a locked position but feel free to move with the forces under you to achieve a healthy balance with the horse. The saddle comes with detachable knee blocks under the flap. 

This saddle also has an open stirrup suspension (safety) bar & is tournament approved. 

Flap length: 22" from middle of seat to bottom edge of flap/Total Length: 18" (velcro surface, not saddle panels)

Size Guide approximation: 

17" --fits riders pant size 36 

17.5"--fits riders pant size 37

18" -- fits riders pant size 38 

Please inquire if you are interested in this saddle!  Shipping from Austria can take 2-4 weeks if in stock.

Available in many colors, please inquire below