Our Favorite Affiliates


 Deanna Preis Horsemanship at Shade Tree Stables

-In person private lessons at my facility (riding, groundwork, work
in hand, liberty) 
-In person lessons at your facility (pricing dependent upon travel
and number of people interested in doing a lesson while I'm
-Virtual Coaching. This is where you send me 5-10 minutes of
video showing what you would like help with, we meet on zoom
and go over it moment by moment, note where the problem is,
why it's occuring, and I give you homework to move forward with.
-Classes of topic lectures e.g. Bending and Collection, Proper and
Improper Movement, Exploring the Equine Skeleton, and more!
These classes will have scheduled dates at my facility, and can be
booked at your facility as well where the host receives some profit
for holding the event. These can also be done via Zoom.








K.I.S. uses high quality ingredients to fill gaps in the diets of equines. Our strong points include amino acid complexes and chelates for better absorption.

We are… “Raising the bar in animal health supplementation!”