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Balance Your Family & Your Passion

Posted by Tiffani Martin-Radake on

Lots of things have changed in my life within the last 5 years. I often wonder how I got to where I am now. Most of my mid 20s were spent hiding from horses because I knew I couldn’t find a way to make them a part of my life. I would avoid movies or TV shows that had horses in them because it would just yank on my heart and remind me of what I no longer had. I was blessed with 2 healthy children and I put 100% of myself into being a good mom. There was no...

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Behavior Problems, or Saddle Problems?

Posted by Tiffani Radake on

Let's talk about an average day to the barn.  It's a lovely, cool day with a light breeze. The bugs aren't quite out yet, which we can all agree, that is the best time of the year! You grab your halter and head out to the pasture to catch up your favorite riding horse. That was easy! No, funny games today. A cheerful nicker from your best friend is just what you needed after the long day at work. Back to the barn you go, followed by your horse whom is trying to sneak a bite of the juicy green...

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