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Equitex Classic Dressage/Spanish Velvet Saddle Pad

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Equitex is the successful synthesis of advanced technical materials, top quality workmanship and the deep understanding of the physiology of the horse.

Designed for the wellbeing of the horse and developed to protect the horses back from the pressures and impact of ridden work, we believe that every horse that carries a rider deserves an Equitex Saddle Pad.

Fit and Support: The benefit of the Equitex Saddle Pad ensures a well-fitting saddle has a superb fit every time, regardless of fluctuation in the horses’ shape through age, seasonal changes, rest periods or varying levels of work.

The advanced design and unique combination of materials allows the Equitex Saddle Pad to perfectly adapt to the horse without increasing bulk beneath the saddle.

Importantly, because Equitex saddle pads don’t create pressure between the saddle and the muscle, it can support muscle growth as ridden work builds up for increased performance or rehabilitation.

Bespoke Service

Equitex Saddle Pads have been handmade in Northern Italy since 1991.  Today we provide a wide variety of pads in a range of sizes and styles to suit for all equestrian disciplines

Because of the way in which we produce our pads, they can be individually designed to meet your needs.  For example, we can incorporate a correctional pad with your required specifications into a full saddle pad in any of our colour range.  In addition, we can make to any size or style you require.Your choices are endless!