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Dakar Special Leather Tree

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Was designed/made for and Endurance convention. So extra padded seat, many many dee rings. 

The Dakar offers due to its English seat a comfortable feeling on the horse. Compared to other trekking saddles the sitting is not that broad. The shorter flaps offer a very close contact to your horse.

The Dakar will be delivered as a set, including matching Western fenders and Western stirrups. Of course this saddle can also be fitted with English stirrup leathers and/or stirrups. The Dakar offers a very wide surface for perfect pressure distribution. The small, detachable knee blocks give you a safe feeling in the saddle.

• V-girthing with long straps
• Open stirrup bar
• without a head gullet, adapts to the horse back and even grows with it
• Panels: from 36 cm
• incl. panels, Fender and saddle cover
• Made out of Italian leather, also available in Germany Kilger leather
• Many different design options

SEAT SIZE 17.5" (feels more like 17")

Panels: 43 cm ---can order different size if needed


Especially for mules, ponies or all horses, where the saddle tends to slip a lot.

Perfect for trail riding and also for horses with a lot shoulder movement.

The unique double girthing system is a new, fantastic system that prevents the saddle from slipping.
It can be ordered in all other saddles as well.

The straight flap guarantees a perfect freedom for horse´s shoulder.


In the back a lot of D-rings help you to fix your saddlebag very easily.