Panama Beach City, FL Clinic-Oct 2022

What will you take home to your horse?

Day 1

  • Interactive lecture on "Bending and Collection" here we discuss what actually occurs in the horse's body and some of the problems that commonly happen that gives us false bending and collection which is not beneficial to the horse and actually detrimental. (this class is by Deanna)
  •  Interactive lecture on "Anatomy of Saddle fit" here Tiffani goes over points of interest in tack fitting including girth placement and gives tips to make your horse more comfortable no matter what brand of tack you use, along with a deeper understanding of why this is important.
  •  We then move to the arena and Tiffani uses a live horse and marks on the landmarks we need to be aware of when it comes to tack. People are welcome to feel these areas and ask questions. Tiffani then shows how to properly fit a saddle.
  •  Deanna will give a groundwork demo, going over some of the points discussed in the "Bending and Collection" class so you get to see in practice what we discussed in theory.
  •  2 private rider spots. The riders that sign up will have Deanna’s undivided attention and can work on whatever it is they want (liberty, groundwork, work in hand, riding), and those that paid for the classes are welcome to stay and watch.

Day 2

  • Interactive lecture on "Proper & Improper Movement". --This lecture challenges the knowledge of what many believe is true bending & collection. In this class we discuss what occurs anatomically in the horse's body to achieve both bending & collection in a functional & healthy way. Photos & videos will be shared to discuss why/how incorrect bending & collection can damage your horse. Attendants will be given tools to spot the difference between healthy & unhealthy movements. This is a class favorite & tends to draw a lot of participation from the attendants.
  •  Interactive lecture on "The equine neck, used and abused" --This class will discuss the most flexible and manipulated part of the horse’s spine. The neck. We delve into the structures within the neck, how they function, & what the effects of some common practices are. Attendants will leave with a better understanding of how to care for this delicate & often misunderstood part of the horse’s body. Gross anatomy photos will be reviewed.
  • 4 private rider spots and those that paid for the classes can stay and watch the private lessons. During this time Tiffani would be available for saddle fittings and people are welcome to watch that and ask questions as well.

Class Details:

We try to keep each lecture discussion around 1 hour. But we let the participants guide us. If there is a lot of discussion/participation, there could be some rollover in time.

  • Class starts at 9 am and usually runs around 6 hours per day
  • Private rider spots can last anywhere between 30-60 min, depending on the needs. 
  • There will be a break for lunch

More information about the Clinicians:

Deanna Preis with Shade Tree Stables

Tiffani Radake with Hug Your Horse


  • Rider/Horse Spot: $400 for the weekend. This includes all lectures

**As of 8/25/2022 all rider spots have been filled**

  • Non-rider Spot: $150 for 1 day or $250 for 2 days--includes classroom & in-hand lectures and auditing the private lessons.

Haul In Accommodations:

Stall Rental:

  • $30/night; You will need to bring your own hay bags & water buckets

Trailer Camping:

  • $30/night; 30 amp electric hook ups w/water (2 available)
  • $30/night; 30 amp hook up (1 available)

First come, first serve



6010 E. Hwy 20
Youngstown, FL  32466

To register & reserve your spot!!

  • Text Joan at: 850.251.3605 (please do not call)
  • or Email her at:

Payments can be made by cash or check

Deadline to fill this class is 9/12/2022. Deposits are not refundable after this date. 


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